7 Situations When Research Papers on Cloud Computing Can Make You a Smarty Pants in the Future

Cloud computing is a field that is developing at a rapid pace and being aware of some breakthrough researches in it, won’t only develop your aptitude but it may also get you plaudits in your circle. So buckle up, get out those research papers on cloud computing and learn the tricks that may just help you pull up those smarty pants in future.

1. Knowledge of Google Drive Pays You Off!

Google Drive is one of the by-products of the research being conducted in the field of cloud computing. It has really made sharing of documents and files easy, through our Google account. Ever found your USB flash drive go broke on the day of submission of your assignment? Don’t really know what to do? Well you can always re-access those files stored on your Google Drive from your campus. And it won’t even cost a penny because your campus Wi-Fi is free.


2. Drop Box Spreads Smiles!

Moms love seeing their children succeed. And in the process, they actually end up making us feel more stressed. Sorry to all the moms!

But truth be told, you are sweethearts and we love that smile on your faces.

So the next time you ever have a project exhibition at your college and want to share its success story with your mama, use one of the marvels of cloud computing. Let her virtually accompany you along the event with the beautiful pictures you upload on drop box, for trust us there won’t be anyone prouder and happier to see your project receive appreciation.


3. Your Passwords Are Safe

Password leaks are a common thing. Moreover, ou may even end up forgetting those precious letters amongst the already clustered ones, which are the “Open-Sesame” way to that special information.

But now cloud computing is there to help you out with its password manager. With this breakthrough product of research in cloud computing, you can cloud-store passwords to all your accounts behind that one set of standout letters – That ONE master key. And just to protect your accounts from getting hacked, the manager keeps randomly changing them.

So let’s say for instance, your colleague lost some important files as the hacker breached the security; you can warn others and preach them about password manager to avoid any future mishaps. Obviously if you are planning to hack through by yourself, then it’s a different story.


4. Please Cloud-aborate!

Time is short and the presentation session is fast approaching. You and your friends have completely messed up the design of your presentation. Too much work but too little time? This is when the option of collaborative editing can help you. It’s one of the wonders of cloud computing as it helps you to collectively edit a project, as every member of the team can make changes independent of others. Cool, isn’t it?


5. Hiring a Watch Dog

How many times while in the office have you wondered about the downloading progress of a movie on your home machine? How many times have you been afraid that your little brother would get into that all-too-privy folder and see your pictures in pink knickers?

You don’t have to worry anymore, for cloud computing can help you get a digital watchdog. With the advancements in the field you can now link your drop box with an automated screen shot tool, thus enabling you to keep yourself updated on what’s happening with your machine at home.

My little brother thinks I am not watching?!

watch dog

6. Printing through Cloud Computing

Ever found yourself in a situation where you had to send a hardcopy of a document to your home while you are away? Well, cloud computing has a solution even for this. With a cross platform script, you can synchronize your cloud storage with your printer and the moment you upload any file on your cloud, the script relays it and the document gets printed.

Can’t wait for the human teleportation!


7. The Guru To-Go-To

Cloud computing enables you to develop a database of your choice which you can share amongst your social circle. If you are the person who everyone seeks over networking troubleshooting and you get fed up of answering the same questions again and again, you can use cloud computing to set up a database of FAQs and forward it, every time someone approaches you.


So you see how cloud computing can impact our daily lives and help us in various circumstances. Obviously there is more to it but for that you need to tap in further into the researches in cloud computing.

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