9 Little Known Facts You Get to Know While Writing Research Papers on Abortion

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, it doesn’t matter which group you staunchly support on this controversial topic. While writing research papers on abortion you will come across a lot of information, ideas, and perspective which you have never heard of before.

Some of the little known facts about abortion include:

1. Ancient Hebrew Religious Law Wouldn’t Consider Abortion Homicide before Day 41

In accordance with the ancient Hebrew religious law, a fetus would only be considered a human baby after 40 days of its conception, thus allowing abortion practice to be a sane method and not considered a homicide.


2. Connecticut Was the First State to Prohibit Abortion

Connecticut was the first state known to prohibit abortion and exercised control over laws that affirmed the use of poison. During the mid-19th century the fetuses started to be given the status of being recorded in state records.


3. Abortion against Husband’s Consent Was a Punishable Act

In ancient Greece and Assyria, a woman would be severely punished for having an abortion against her husband’s will since a man’s consent was highly regarded in societies. Assyria in 1075 sentenced women to death for the act against husband’s knowledge.

 punishable act

4. Birth Controls Prevented Abortions

During economic recession in 2008 in the U.S, the increase in the usage of birth controls reduced the abortion rates. These rates had always soared previously during famines and wars for prevention of another mouth to be fed by a staunchly poor family.


5. Romans Were Pro-Choice

Romans, like the modern American society, believed in the right to opt for an abortion and did not think of the need for it to be illegal at all.


6. 7th Century Catholic Church Had Its Own Standards

The 7th century Catholic Church considered abortion a crime. But it also had a crime punishable far more severe than abortion: oral sex. For about 1100 years, and prior to the 17th century, abortion was thought to be a minor offence.

catholic church

7. Abortions Caused a Great Deal of Deaths

In 1800s many women sought abortions through backstreet doctors. They died in great numbers (nearly every one in three women) due to the lack of safety measures and standards of hygiene.

deal of deaths

8. Fetal Pain: Is There a Thing as Such?

It is hard to determine fetal pain in the early months of pregnancy, thus abortion is said to be an oblivious method to the unborn child. However, the pain is felt after about a 28 week gestation period when the neurological connections are formed, strengthened, and can add up to pain perception.

fetal pain

9. Under Age Women Go through More Abortions

Due to a rise in teen pregnancy and the lack of financial stability in their early 20’s, nearly half of the women seeking abortion are below the age of 25.

under age woman

It is essential to know the facts and be well equipped for the research on a topic as sensitive as abortion, which won’t only help you with the research writing but also in personal life choices.

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