How Research Paper Writing Skills Will Help You Find an Older Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Research paper writing skills are not easily mastered, with all the time invested in the excruciatingly painful tasks of research leaves you in a state where you are hardly aware of what’s going on in your life.

However, the painstaking task never goes in vain since you come out to be a student with polished communication skills, critical thinking abilities and get a good grip on language. Research paper writing also helps with better business skills in terms of communication and time management.

But hey, there is some cost incurred too. Your social life is doom and gloom with hardly a bunch of people you could go out and party with any time you want (if you get any time, that is). Days after days of hard work often leaves you with nothing but a balding head and a squeezed social circle. And that results in limited or no chance of ever finding your boyfriend/ girlfriend.*Sigh*

But there is a reward for the good kids. Yes, there are better fish in the ocean and though your friends might be hooking with the people of their age group and cry about their relationship problems, you have a chance of finding someone more mature and older than you.

Here’s how you can attract the handsome and the sensible and experienced older people:

Language to Dazzle Them

Your proficiency in the language (if you have taken the pain to master more than you could) can easily dazzle the older people you wish to attract. Since the characteristic is so rarely found in people your age, they are surely going to have a second look and there you go with your ripe chance at an amazing relationship! Let the jargons fill, make your speech and let these complex skills win them over!

language to

Discuss Some Serious Topics on Equal Terms

Since you have relatively groomed many of your skills for your young age and the learned behavior is far more sensible than those of your counterparts of the same age; you can easily convince them to think you are a different specie altogether with pearls of wisdom entwined in your hair. Start off with the most complex theories of the universe and watch their awestruck expressions. Aren’t they totally cute that way?


Show off Your Writing Skills While Communicating via Skype/Facebook

You guys would get a lot of chances to communicate, so make sure you utilize each one of them to impress your sweetheart with the unending use of communication ethics and commenting about things in the most knowledgeable manner on social media platforms. After all, you are an original.

showing off

Appear Mature Due to Your Level of Education

You aren’t the going-giddy-at-the-first-sight and butterflies in your stomach kind of a youth. You have developed a sense of understanding about things, thanks to your research paper writing skills. You can always impress your beau or lady love with that braininess.


Make Them Interested in You Because of Your Personality

They should be interested in you but not just because you are much younger than them (of course you aren’t dating a pedophile, no way!) but they should be into you for the person you are, at heart and soul, and mind of course.

making interested

Break the Stereotype about College Teenagers

Dating someone older than you makes you the representative of your generation somehow; make sure you leave a good impression and tell them you aren’t all about fancy gadgets and flashy cars, there’s much more depth.

breaking the stereotype

The more experienced and mature you both are, the merrier the ride of relation would be! If you are hesitating now, “How to make my research paper look impressive?”, there is nothing better to rely on real experts in writing.

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