How to Combine Procrastination and Writing a Research Paper Online with Works Cited

If you are in the habit of writing a few words on your research paper online with works cited (already a difficult task) and spending the next hour checking your newsfeed on Facebook, well then, you are only but a student in today’s time who is struggling with the problem “how to do my research paper quickly?”

And what could be more fun than having the luxury to work for a short time in proportion to spending the time in leisure activities tenfold (only to regret that you spend all that time mindlessly stalking people you don’t like and pinning recipes you’d never follow).

An oppressive deadline and unattractive task such as writing research paper with citations could definitely get people into habit of searching for something to look forward to every time they have work to do (motivation, you see).

Here is a list of how you could still work on your paper, hand in hand with procrastination:

Keep Two Windows Open

You just go from one place to another and waste time in the transition (transition always wastes time whether it is from one city to another, or from one window on your pc to another). Fit your screen to adjust the two windows side by side so you could make a good use of your two eyes, each focused on separate tasks so you could amalgamate the fun of reading about the scientific theories and your friend’s makeup tutorials.

Buy Another Screen and It Will Be Much Easier

Since you won’t have to adjust two windows on one screen, making it miserable for your work focused eye to stay focus and not cringe in rebellion; it will become much easier to manage both the tasks without hassle (procrastination being the priority while you try to get done with research paper and fiddle with citations along with your aunt’s baby’s photos). #MasterMultitasking

Write a Paper While Watching a Film with Your Family/Friends

If you do not find enough motivation on social media sites to help you get done with your research paper, don’t worry – you aren’t out of options just yet. What you could do is change your location, ditch your desk, have some family time or invite friends over and play some real good movie. It won’t only take your mind off the load you’ve been stressing over, but would also help you get better ideas about the complexities of your research paper as compared to the easy thing you could do instead – watch movies – so you know what to opt for.
writing a paper

Talk with Your Friends via Skype/WhatsApp and Write a Paper

Why not spice up the mundane task of writing your paper while you chat with a bunch of friends about everything but your paper? Super cool it would be, not to only take time out from the boring work but also to help you rejuvenate and reenergize yourself after spending some difficult hours focusing on research. Well, you could always read while you’re discussing fashion on Skype.
talking via skype

Try to Read an Interesting Book and Write a Paper

Reading and writing are the siblings who just can’t live without one another, so there’s no point in separating them and acting evil either. Pick up your favorite book from the shelf and delve in the beautiful mysteries of the story, who knows you might find some inspiration to work. Or better, you could read and write your research paper at the same time, only that you’ll have to divide your brain into two.
reading a book

Go to Some Outdoor Festival with Laptop and Write the Paper

The point is to write the paper and make yourself at home anywhere and in any situation. So, do not turn down your friends if they invite you for a festival. Take your laptop with you and if you find ample time to switch it on amidst the fun, you could start off with your research paper with the frenzied environment as motivation and prying eyes as control gadgets.
outdoor festival
Procrastination is a tough job and must be mastered to combine it with something as serious as research paper writing. Also one must be aware of the fact that work and play must get together. No matter what the outcome, jack mustn’t be a dull boy.

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