6 Convincing Reasons to Give up Facebook for Research Paper Websites

The first thing that comes in your mind after you hear the word ‘research paper websites’ would definitely be something grey, something unattractive and devoid of any pleasing graphic content. And very rightly the image would be painted in your mind, for the research paper websites are the unlucky damsels who get all the brainy dudes but no prince charming as a visitor.

But leaving out Facebook? That is like imprisoning you, or even worse. It sounds totally unthinkable and just when you are about to fall on your head with the idea of life without Facebook until you get done with your research paper; let us help you with the reasons as to why it is important:

1. You Would Get Actual Help on the Research Paper Websites

They are like the shoes which would be brown or black but would be totally worth each penny your mom spent on them (because you were squealing for the bright pink ones) and would help you in rain and sunshine, efficiently. The pink shiny ones are the favorite social media site Facebook where you invest a lot of resources (time, energy, food, positivity etc) but that won’t be of any help in times of need. Instead of surrounding yourself with unnecessary news feeds about someone’s crappy holiday and someone else’s exotic baby crib, you would get real work done on research paper websites.
actual help

2. You’ll Eventually Produce Your Writing Assignments

The good thing about these sites being boring and wordy are that you don’t get distracted by things which you shouldn’t be concerned with (at least not while working on your assignments). This way, you end up completing your assignments and submitting them on time, saving yourself from getting expelled in the process – all because you did not have Facebook as a companion to take you out for a walk down the memory lane (and the current life) of your 500+ friends.

3. You’ll Improve Your Writing Skills

While you spend days after days on Facebook grooming your skills to post better content by the way (which of course, you haven’t written) and mindlessly sharing news and pictures; on research paper websites you actually get the chance to improve your writing skills with reading, writing and rewriting your assignment pages.
improving writing skills

4. You’ll Become a Problem Solver

Since you are accustomed to working with pressing deadlines (when you start to work on your dissertation only a month before the deadline) you would be well aware of how to handle pressure and how to manage stressful and difficult situations. But with the research paper websites you would end up getting on a turbo engine to save your score and getting done with the work on time.
On Facebook, however, you’d be able to do nothing but procrastinate and end up regretting the moments wasted.
problem solver

5. You’ll Learn to Manage Your Time

If you have tasted the bitterness of a late submission and the eleventh hour stress of looming deadlines, you would hang on close to the research paper websites and would add them to your favorites so you would be reminded of the mishaps, refraining you from repeating them.

With Facebook, well what can we say about how Facebook would lure you into its same old embrace you found hard to get away from.

6. You’d Become Successful

In order to gain success you would have to focus on your career as the most important thing in your life. The research paper websites would help you with just that, in any way they could.

Well on Facebook, the only success you will ever have is the number of likes or comments that you get on a post (or those other reactions that Facebook uses for advertising purposes). But who needs the validation of likes and comments when you have a promising career, eh?
Once you taste success, there’s no going back to your philandering ways with Facebook, you’d show complete fidelity with research paper websites.

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