Red-Letter Days or What Should I Do My Research Paper on Still Suffering from Snozzle-Wobbles

fireworkMany people fall into a seasonal trance during the holidays. All food, celebrations, and atmospheres really take us out from our strict and focused routines. Now that the holiday seasons are coming to an end, it is very hard for students to get back to the groove of things, especially with their first writing assignments. What should I do my research paper on? If you are asking this question while suffering from the holiday snozzle-wobbles, use these research paper topics for inspiration!

1. Party Drink Addictions

Alcoholic drinks are the number one iconic beverage anticipated and served at party celebrations. This topic can make your research paper interesting to readers because alcoholism awareness is very important and can highly relate to people while the holidays are going on.

2. Holiday Celebration Ideas

Everyone celebrates the holidays differently. You can use this as a research paper topic discussing how holidays are celebrated around the world. The audience can be very interested in hearing about diverse customs and traditions. You can also have fun with it by sharing your personal holiday experience with your friends and family.

3. Perfect Gifts for the Season

Gift giving is a widely common tradition during the holiday season, despite the holiday being celebrated. A lot of merchandise goes on sale during the seasons because of this. You can write your research paper on terrific gift ideas people can use for friends and family or how they can get the best deals on gifts they would like to buy.

4. Origins of Holidays

As stated previously, there are many different holidays that people celebrate. Some people believe in a Santa Claus that brings gifts to good children. Other people celebrate Hanukkah. Have you heard of Ramadan? There are hundreds of different holidays people can learn about. So, why not write about them? Holidays have begun and evolved during different times and parts of the world. The topic is very interesting and sure to capture the attention of your audience!

5. Family Activities for Celebrating

The biggest part of the holidays is spending it with your family. However, some family members you may not get along with or just have not seen for a very long time. This can make social interaction awkward. Take this as an opportunity to write about family filled activities that can help make people see past prior disagreements or space away from family members. You may even learn about a new activity you would like to do with your family!

6. Popular Holiday Food

No matter what you celebrate, food usually brings people together. Everyone loves to hear about food! You can write about the different dishes for the holidays and popular seasonal recipes.
It is hard to get out of the holiday fog, especially when you know that you are returning back to writing assignments. However, you can use this holiday inspiration for your research paper topics!

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