9 Circles of Publishing a Thesis

You are in hell – at least this is what it seems like. Well, your destiny was prewritten the moment you decided that you wanted to publish your thesis, way before you had even written the paper. If you want to get your thesis published, you need to know exactly what you have signed up for when saying, “I’ll do my thesis immediately”.

Let’s walk you through the nine circles of publishing a thesis or more appropriately the nine circles of hell (as you would come to realize when you read through):

1. Planning the Thesis

Planning the thesis is like you are in the first circle of hell. You are not really in torment, but exist in a state of limbo, there is no real punishment yet the first step of the thesis is frustrating. Planning and choosing the subject matter is quite difficult – this includes the following:

  • Selecting a meaningful topic that you are capable of doing your research on.
  • Finding sufficient facts and researches to support your statement.
  • Treating the topic with objectivity without any personal biases.


2. Researching the Topic

Once you have planned the thesis, the torment begins. It’s like a tempest. You have to find the sources to cite from. Flipping through the researches, bibliographies and indexes of periodicals will feel like you are being blown to and fro with strong winds.

3. Muster the Courage to Begin the Thesis

Gathering the courage to actually start working on the thesis will make you experience (figuratively) the icy rains. You do not want to step into the putrid waters of the third circle of hell, but you want to get your thesis published, right?

4. Forcing Yourself out of the Bed to Continue the Thesis

You feel like you are rolling a gigantic weight with your chest but you are not. You are just getting out of the bed every single day to continue working on the thesis. However, it can be synonymously compared with the torture of the fourth circle of hell.
forcing yourself

5. Giving up on Practically Everything to Achieve Your Goals

You are neither gurgling beneath the surface of the river Styx nor fighting relentlessly on the other side of the river. Yet, the suffering of leaving all that you love doing the most – playing video games, surfing the internet, hanging out with friends, movie marathons and road trips – is similar.
giving up

6. Getting De-Energized by Proofreading and Editing

This is the part where you question everything you have written. The circle of heretics – rebellious at heart, you cannot rest until you have proofread and edited the entire thesis, leaving no chances of even a minor error.

7. Selecting the Journal You Want Your Thesis to Be Published in

Now that you have prepared the thesis or drafted the manuscript, you have to select the journal you are aiming for publication. Publishing a thesis is not an easy feat certainly. It is crucial to choose a peer-reviewed journal if you want your thesis to make it to the targeted audience. Choosing a journal is nothing less than walking on scorching dessert under the burning rain of the seventh level of hell.

8. Checking up with the Submission Guidelines and Conducting Revisions

After the selection of the journal, you will have to follow through the guideline of the journal and make revisions accordingly. You may even have to change numerous things like paragraph lengths, swap facts and researches from one part of the manuscript to another to make everything conform to the guidelines of the journal. Sometimes, you will have to rewrite entire subheadings, finding yourself in the pit of despair of the 8th circle of hell.
checking up

9. Publishing Your Thesis

Subsequently, carrying out corrections and corresponding with editors will feel nothing less than the deepest hole of hell – a freezing dark pit of despair. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel – your thesis gets published in a popular journal.
Voila, the seemingly eternal tormenting grueling task is done! It was easy, right? Clearly not as difficult as Dante’s Inferno (hopefully)! Well, hard work always pays off.

Getting your thesis published in a journal sure is a challenging task but it is not impossible. You may even feel as if you are journeying through the 9 circles of hell, but if you bear the pain and follow through all of the aforementioned steps, you will not be tormented with eternal damnation. All is well that ends well.

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