Publishing Your Book: A New Way to Become a College Superstar

Are you one of those who sit at the back bench in class and don’t get along well with other college mates? We know how it feels and our sympathies are with you! Hey wait, why are we getting so depressed though? You don’t have to be a nobody at college; instead you could be a star – a college superstar!

So how will you do that? We have got a perfect way out for you: publish a book! Sounds difficult? We understand, but nothing is impossible, you see! It might not be your cup of tea, but it’s not something that is totally out of the question. You can at least attempt to take the plunge! You can choose any topic you want. People are very open-minded nowadays and they like to read everything from science and fiction to comedy and classic literature. So you won’t fall short on readers!

You can write an exceptional piece of fiction like ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or a book on ‘How to Study the Right Way’. Whatever you write, publishing your book will help you do the following:

1. Raise Your Reputation among Your Peers

Do your friends or class fellows consider you to be good for nothing? No offense, just asking! If it stands any chance to be true, then writing and publishing a book is the ultimate solution for you. It is the best way to let your friends and peers know that you are not some nerdy introvert guy, but actually a superstar in the making! Your peers will start giving you the much needed respect and who knows you might actually become the go-to dude of the college!

raise reputation

2. Earn Big Money While Still in College

Do you like the offer of buy one get one free? We like it too! Now before you rack your brains that what this offer is doing in this serious superstar-in-the-making discussion, let us tell you that you can avail of the same opportunity by publishing a book. How? Publish a book, become a star at college and earn money at the international level, both at the same time. Now you understand? This is what we were talking about, buy one get one FREE!

Earning money while you are still in college is not an easy job. Since you are taking the plunge of making your debut as an author, make sure you write something remarkable like ‘50 shades of Grey’ or ‘Harry Potter’, anything that compels the film makers to turn your book into a film. Hence, a college superstar – the author of a book that is made into a film; what a superb deal!

earn money

3. Get Valuable Experience of Self-Promotion

Do you know how self-promotion feels? People may find you to be a loser if you go gaga over yourself and praise your own qualities in front of others every now and then. But with a well-written book, you can go overboard and believe us, no one will mind it! Instead, you will get a chance to experience the extraordinary feeling of promoting yourself. So go on to publish a book and introduce your college to their next big superstar!

4. Find out about the Market of Book Publishing When You Are still in College

You know that publishing a book will increase your worth and reputation in the eyes of your college mates and teachers. But why become a superstar only in the college premises when you can go a step further and have an edge over others? Stepping into the world of book writing will help you discover the book publishing market when you are still in college. You can research about the industry, find out about various publishers and make cordial contacts with them. Who knows, you might become an established writer and go on to publishing another master pieces! Sounds awesome, no?

market of book publishing

5. Learn Your True Passion

We cannot emphasize much on the fact that publishing your own book will definitely make you a college superstar, but the story does not end here. This experience will give you a chance to find out your true passion and unlock your true potential. You never know, you might have a hidden writer in you, longing to jump out and show the world that you have got something that others don’t!

learn true passion
Long story short, no matter what you write, it will certainly bring fame for you by making you the superstar of college, someone that everybody will look up to. So, grab a pen and start writing. Actually it’s the digital age, so why a pen? Grab a laptop instead!

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