7 Dangers Awaiting You While Preparing PowerPoint Presentations

Students must be well aware of the fact that there is a dire need for a term to be coined, ‘Pre-PowerPoint Presentation Jitters’. A term, which takes into consideration the irony it brings and the insomnia that disturbs the ritual of beauty sleep for everyone, has to be understood by the brutal world.
Because, preparing PowerPoint presentations could be dangerous in so many ways. And all those slides you prepare might as well slay your happiness; here is how it is hazardous:

  1. You Can Get Exhausted and Stressed, Not Sleeping at Night to Prepare the Presentation on Time
  2. And how can we miss the endless phone calls for each tiny detail and last minute amendments, if it is a team project you’ve undertaken. The exhaustion could get severe, and the insomnia might result in bloodshot eyes the next morning.

    Pro Tip: Do not leave preparation till the last minute, unless you are a student!

  3. You Can Get a Headache from an Information Overload
  4. The abundance of information pertaining to the subject, and having to instill all of it in your brain overnight, which you haven’t paid heed to the entire semester, could be too much for your fragile mind to handle, and might just crash into a frenzied headache.

    Pro Tip: Keep track of whatever has been taught, unless of course you’re busy with your major life projects during the classroom sessions.

  5. Your Computer Can Give You Electric Shock
  6. What are we? – ‘Students’
    What do we work with? – ‘Deadly weapons such as computers’
    It is more like no one realizes that preparing for a PowerPoint presentation on a computer is actually dangerous. There could be an electric shock after all!
    electric shock

  7. Sitting in front of a Computer Can Give You a Stiff Back
  8. Remember the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Surely you wouldn’t want to turn into one. Think of what preparing slide after slide on PowerPoint could get you into, the danger of having a stiff back. And we are all achingly aware of the dangerous back problems that get severe over time.

    Pro Tip: Lie down in the comfiest position, even if you doze off at least you won’t be risking your skeletal structure.
    stiff back

  9. You Can Hurt Your Knuckles by Extreme Typing
  10. If they ask you why you type like a zombie on a high, tell them that’s when your brain is flooded with ideas. However that does take its toll on you by leaving your hands feeling numb and lifeless for a while.

    Pro Tip: The presentation at the cost of your knuckles is too expensive; take it slow and steady, you might get done with it by the end of next semester.
    extreme typing

  11. Your Projection Device Can Fall on Your Feet
  12. All the preparation could go down the drain if you don’t have the nerve (in your feet) to stand in a good posture and present your hard work; because the projection device has avenged you for not taking it seriously. What an irony it would be to risk your natural blessing for a day’s work?

    Pro Tip:Iron shoes, my dear.

  13. You Might Starve Yourself with All the Burden
  14. The PowerPoint presentation will give you stress; you would be bound to spend extra time preparing the slides and selecting themes. You would start skipping meals, leading to starvation, your mom wouldn’t know, and your dog may find you 72 hours later. Sounds like a horror story doesn’t it? Would you do all of that for a fancy presentation – seriously?

    Pro Tip: A healthy body makes a healthy mind, not a healthy presentation.

So the next time you start preparing for the presentation, keep in mind how you are risking your life for it, and do the math to know if it is the right price to pay for it!

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