6 Films You Can Watch and Practice Writing At the Same Time

The art of writing is an interesting one. But those who find it difficult are usually the ones who have their focus elsewhere. So what if you love to watch movies instead of spending the time by the desk? Not an issue at all.

However if you are looking for an inspiration to give you a real kick enough to practice writing and start creating those essays; watch these movies:

  1. Dead Poets’ Society
  2. When someone as fun and awe inspiring as Robin William puts into perspective ‘all about writing’ you might feel as if the writer’s block had been lifted off your fragile shoulders. The need for novel ideas and letting your imagination run wild is the key to produce more written work. So if you wish to practice essay writing and do not have the motivational speech by an instructor, switch on to your screen for one.
    dead poets’ society

  3. Sideways
  4. The amazing thing about inspiration is that you could get it anywhere, often without a warning. You could get going with your hidden writing talent when you’re off with your friend in some remote area just to soothe your nerves before tying the knot, and find someone who could be the missing piece in your puzzle.

  5. Misery
  6. Sometimes all it takes to be a good writer is a reader who is a diehard fan. The comedy and violent outbursts are sure to give you a tickle in the tummy and a thought that perhaps it could be you who would use their words as a tool to save themselves.

  7. The Shining
  8. If you are looking for a classical inspiration which would also leave you spellbound as you watch it, The Shining is the one to watch. It is a thriller which could bring out the writer within you.
    the shining

  9. Adaptation
  10. When you are struggling with writing, you need to be assured that you are not alone in the struggle. Watch Adaptation to get to know about the personal struggles and pain endured on the journey along with the themes it would explore to not only keep you engaged but to motivate you to start with your essay writing practice. Many questions need to be answered in the unconventional manner.

  11. Barton Fink
  12. What happens when you have a lot of other things going on in your life other than writing? Well, that is just the routine for most of us. But when one juggles two things at a time, bringing about ideas from the real world and the day to day experiences into their written pieces; it brings immense wisdom to what one produces. So is it the lack of ideas stopping you from writing? Switch to movies and get literary high!
    barton fink

It is all about creativity, so why not bring a movie to your desk? Inspiration is sprawled everywhere!

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