How a PM Certificate Will Help You in Everyday Life

Your project management certification may have not landed you the manager’s position at a prestigious firm, however, that is certainly not the end of the world. You do not have experience, but you do possess some smart skills after having completed your course.
Your PM certificate for which you’ve spent days with numb mind and bloodshot eyes in classes might pay you in certain different ways:

  1. Communication
  2. Do you wish to tell your classmates how annoying and irksome they could get? Do you also wish to tell them to be off your nerves before you completely lose it? You possess the magic to shush the drama out and bring the energy you require in the house. After all, you’ve learnt the art of effective communication in your project management classes.

  3. Leadership
  4. If there is one thing you should never skip your PM programs for, it is learning leadership skills. And you must have a good idea how essential leadership is (whether you land at a decent job or not) in order to take charge of all the scams you would be pulling at others with your friends or to skip the college to go for movies or anything more interesting than lengthy lectures.

  5. Team Management
  6. If you can’t do it all alone, no big deal, you’d be assigned three more assistants and you could use your dominating nature on them by all means. And by the way, you would be in need to master this skill, so why not stall with the experience while you can by bringing in talent of various kinds and manage while they work – isn’t this how it is supposed to work anyway?
    team management

  7. Negotiation
  8. Your negotiation skills would have been sharpened due to the extensions you would have taken for your projects asking your professors to extend the deadline because it is oh-so-important to proofread everything with your special skilled spectacles. With such strong negotiation skills, you could get the world moving on your fingertips in no time (of course figuratively).

  9. Personal Organization
  10. If you have been famous in the class for being late each time because either you missed the bus or because your feline friend did not perform its duty to wake you up on time, your project management knowledge might save you from the embarrassment. You are now officially designed to get up in a calculated time enough for you to freshen up and reach the class just before the clock strikes twelve (or whatever time it is) so you could celebrate the moment.
    personal organization

  11. Risk Management
  12. You certainly aren’t going to stock up on more pegs than needed if you have to drive yourself home and also drop off your friends, and would be the one to manage all the risks in whatever you do in life. What a pleasant thing to learn which could give a zillion brownie points to project management.
    risk management

  13. Focus On End Result
  14. While you aim for the stars, you do not care what path leads you to it. That amount of passion amalgamated with the calculated risk taking ability and a good focus on the desired result helps you in various phases of life, such as if missing a good amount of classes would get you kicked out of the program.
    Keep in mind these benefits you get with obtaining a PM certificate every time you think it’s useless. Because it’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know to reach goals.

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