5 Drastic Factors You Should Consider before Reading Movie Reviews Online

It is very normal to go through movie reviews before buying the tickets. But what if the movie reviews available on websites area are not what you imagine?
The next time you click on the movie reviews online, keep in mind that they can contain:

  1. Nasty Spoilers
  2. Just imagine writing a movie review. Yes you would be itching to spill the beans no matter how much you stop yourself. That is exactly what happens there, on that site where you’re just about to click for the sequel you’ve had your fingers crossed for a long time. Think before you act, or read for that matter. You might be attacked with information about who died and who turned into what.

  3. Sky Rocket Expectations
  4. There is no doubt about this one, the fancier the words the reviews contain, the higher your expectations would be. Humans are prone to expect the best out of almost everything unless a needle pierces through the pretty bubble. It might seem, while reading the review, that there isn’t a thing that could ever go wrong with the plot, direction etc., only for you to realize the package did not contain what it promised.

  5. Wrong Negative Review
  6. It is definitely not necessary that if one person (or a few of the nitpickers) did not like the movie, you will also end up hating it. But that is what happens when you rely on an online movie review. It could be the case that the one who is writing the movie review has gone through a major breakup right after watching it and vented it all out in the written piece. Or that they must possess rotten taste buds (according to you of course) that they did not like a splendid piece of art. You would dismiss a great movie just because of a review you’ve read, that is sheer bad luck if the movie is actually worth watching.

  7. Amalgamation of the Views of the Majority
  8. Some of the movie review writers might not rely on their individual judgment (or knowledge) but rather on the views of the vast majority. And we all know how valuable novelty is and how important it is to have unbiased opinions about things as sensitive as a movie.

  9. Fake Review
  10. What does it take to mislead someone? It takes nothing except your conscience knocking at your door. Thus, it would be totally misleading if you’re opting for a review and your decision to watch a movie is totally dependent on something someone has written just for fun.
    Watch to your heart’s contentment, and use your own special skills to determine if the movie is good or not. You may also use your gut feeling after watching the trailer.

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