7 Unexpected Money Making Tips That You Would Want To Use Right Now

Being a college student, you might have faced times when you are short of cash and there’s a party you need to attend the very next day. You need to buy yourself a decent dress/suit too, but you’re broke. Worry not, here are some splendid money making options that every student can use right now:

1. Spend More than 8 Hours a Day on Facebook

Why just 8 hours when you could do better by spending more (who needs beauty sleep when one needs money?). Since you have long been betrothed to this social media platform already, why not use it to pay your bills? And no, it won’t be an act of sheer selfishness at all; anything works when it’s a question of survival. You could start by posting funny pictures, interesting articles, intriguing research studies, hot news and all the related stuff which could gather you a good number of audiences. And with that, you could be the next target for brands to ask for advertising and promotion on your page. Voila – you could be minting money in no time!


2. Be Aware of Where Your Friends Work

You need to stay updated on all kinds of platforms which connect you with your friends. And not just random people, for you desperately need connections to look for opportunities to make money. Stay up-to-date on where your friends work and dig info about the companies they work for. The next thing you must be doing is take your innocent face and stories of your amazing skills pertaining to your field on interest and tell them how you would like to land a job at their organization.

Adding something about how you two could be best buddies once your cubicles are set beside one another could earn you some brownie points. The idea is to fill your friend’s mind with the image of you two working together, so much so, that the moment a job opportunity arrives, he/she refers you without a second thought.

be aware of

3. Save the Notes You Take during Lectures

Your notes could come in handy to earn you some hefty bucks. Would you have believed this at the time you were taking copious notes on the Hawthorne Studies, wondering why were you supposed to learn all this in the first place? This is the time to cash in that classroom attendance and undivided attention; sell the notes! There would be plenty of students in need of well-developed class notes – help them and help yourself too!

saving the notes

4. Review Music for Money

Ever thought the time you’re constantly drumming headphones would be of some use? The music collection of yours could not only be your prized possession (which of course it already is) but would also earn you the money you need. Start reviewing music for clients paying you for it online and get going with your wonderful taste put to good use.

music review

5. Try Mystery Shopping

Shopping divas watch out! There is opportunity for you to earn money where you actually love to spend it; in shopping. Only that the task would be to gather information about quality of service at franchises and stores and that would be of help to the organization sending you as a mystery shopper for market research studies and to know of compliance of regulations.
Let the spy in you rise and shine!

mystery shopping

6. Make Photos and Upload Them to Stock Websites

If you are an aspiring photographer and have been capturing shots with only a limited audience to share with, this is the time you could be selling those photographs for real money. Stock websites are a good place to advertise your work of art and get paid for it.

uploading photos

7. Make Use of Peer to Peer Lending

The depiction of ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ is peer to peer lending.

Who else would be of help if not the ones who are closely connected all the time? Websites such as Zopa.com facilitate borrowers and lenders on a platform with a responsibility of terms and conditions, helping the students at large.

peer lending
Money is a basic need of every student, without which you may find it difficult to adjust in your social group or feel happy at all. Make use of every opportunity you can!

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