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Effective business communication usually determines how the executive community treats an individual. When one thinks about a perfect letter of proposal sample or a business letter sample, this individual should remember about proper formatting and vocabulary to achieve success. That is why the advanced skill in creating business correspondence can guarantee that an addressee will consider addresser’s offers. Besides, it improves the chances of accepting them. The letter of proposal is a document containing an outline of a potentially profitable project. It includes a summary of the proposal, the actual circumstances, an outline of the project stages, budget, deadline, and the limitations to the proposal. Generally, there are two types of letters of proposal. The first one is provided as an appendix to the main project paper. The second one may be provided instead of a lengthy proposal.

credit for business developmentAugust 18, 2016

New Marketing Generation
443 Laymon Rose
Birmingham 11992
Attn: Mr. George Simon

Dear Mr. George Simon,

Are you searching for an innovative and more effective way to spend your organization’s resources on collecting new business clients each month? Our company realizes how complicated and disappointing it is to perform multiple cold calls from day to day that ultimately results in very low interest ubiquitously. Nowadays every customer service business requires solid leads every new week and month in order to develop and increase. As you are an advanced and experienced marketing agency, you have all chances to extend and reach even bigger benefits with our assistance.

New Horizons, Inc. has been consulting and promoting enterprises and organizations like yours over the past ten years. Our company allows avoiding pursuing inefficient approaches, such as direct mailing or cold calling in order to reach new clients. Instead, our solid leads come from the Internet worksheets that particular organizations have already replied to. In essence, these are dormant customers who have already demonstrated a strong interest in your items or services. For now, they are just waiting for your company to reach them.

Our highly experienced specialists are always ready to bring you together with perspective clients. We are extremely accurate and careful when it comes to our staff. We believe that only the best professionals are able to handle our business. That is why we have hired only the most experienced workers to work for our company; all they do is serve our clients in the best way. At New Horizons, Inc., we realize how priceless you are to the sustenance of the whole company and thus treat your demands and concerns with utter care. In this business, perfect customer service is our key purpose.

If you feel tired of searching for leads that will promote your business, New Horizons, Inc. is there for you. We regularly update our leads database, as the new ones come directly from the Internet every day. Feel free to contact us anytime to lead your business to the entirely new level and save a great share of your funds over this process.

Best regards,

(sign a name)
Alexandr Rock
CEO of New Horizons, Inc

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