8 Justifying Reasons Your Teacher Gives You So Many Home Assignments

So, you are sick and tired of writing all those essays your teacher constantly assigns. You may resent it, you may be annoyed by it, but there is no escaping it – and for a good reason. Or, rather, 8 good reasons why your teacher gives you so many home assignments. Remember that we can do any task for you? Just ask us, “do my assignment” and our specialists will do it with ease.

1. Writing Is Good for Thinking

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Writing improves thinking, encourages you to get deeper into the topic and engage with it closer. It is not just talk – for example, a study by Richard Light from Harvard suggests that there is a direct correlation between the amount of written work and students’ engagement with the subject. So, the next time you want to curse your teacher, curse science instead.

2. Writing Provides an Insight into a Student’s Mind

It sounds a bit creepy, but giving you a written assignment is a good way for a teacher to get inside your head and find out whether you really understand what he’s been talking about or just make an intelligent face, find out what you think of the subject and whether you are interested in it.

3. Writing Teaches You Logical Thinking

Have you ever listened to yourself talking? Oral speech by definition is a rather rambling and disconnected affair; and one of the reasons why teachers are so hot upon writing is that it makes you organize your thoughts in a logical manner and, with any luck, it may rub off on your everyday thinking as well.

4. Writing Is Heavily Promoted

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Frankly speaking, writing isn’t your teacher’s choice. It is recommended by the Association of American Colleges and Universities as an effective method of teaching at any academic level, across the entire curriculum. So don’t be so hard on your teacher – he probably hates reading your essays as much as you hate writing them.

5. Writing Deepens Student/Teacher Connection

writing deepens connection
Not only teachers use writing to find out what you think, they employ it to encourage you to connect to them: ask questions and seek advice.

6. Writing Helps In-Class Discussions

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The best way to learn the topic is to write something on it, so by forcing you to write teachers force you to do your own research, which in turn prepares you to discussion. It is all part of one sinister plan.

7. Writing Makes Your Memory Sharp

writing makes memory sharp
You remember what you’ve written. When you write, your thinking slows down and you are forced to do analysis. Ten years from now, don’t be surprised if you remember in detail some insignificant paper on a boring topic even if you haven’t the slightest interest in that topic.

8. Writing Is a Skill

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And learning to write isn’t like learning to ride a bicycle – once you’ve learned, you can forget how to do it. Writing requires constant practice – remember how hard it is to write your first piece after every summer break?

So you see, you’d better learn to enjoy it, for your teachers aren’t going to leave you alone anytime soon.

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