Goodbye 2020: Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make

2020 has been called “a year like no other.” And many of us are looking forward to 2021. We can’t wait to turn the page, leave all the troubles in the past, and change our lives for the better.
The new year is a starting point for “new life.” And now, people are full of hope and optimism more than ever before.

The tradition to give New Year resolutions goes back to the ancient time when the Romans gave promises to the god Janus. Now, many people make such resolutions as well to mark the beginning of a new stage in their lives and improve themselves.

As a student, do you set goals for self-improvement, keeping up on good practices, or giving up bad habits annually? If not, it’s a good time to establish such a tradition!
It’ll help you get in the mood and have a positive attitude. Besides, with New Year’s resolutions, you have higher chances to do something you may have been postponing to the next day/week/month.
Looking for some great ideas to improve your life? Read our 5 New Year’s resolutions below and get ready to succeed in 2021!

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

A list of resolutions can include just anything. Students typically choose to set goals to:

  • Learn new skills;
  • Enhance academic performance;
  • Travel to their dream destinations;
  • Live a more active lifestyle;

So, usually, these plans revolve around self-development and personal growth. Good for you if you achieve them and improve yourself!
Meanwhile, 2021 introduces a booming trend of taking care rather than challenging ourselves. We’re quite tired and mentally exhausted by the events in 2020. So, striving for inner harmony, peace, and mind refreshment is a №1 priority for most people.
What are the New Year’s resolutions that will work for you as a student?

I Will Work on Making My Dreams Come True for at Least 1 Hour a Day

Want to buy that perfume with a cinnamon note? Always dreamt about visiting an Ancient Egypt exhibition in your local museum? Imagining yourself learning to play the electric violin?
Make time to spend at least 1 hour a day working to achieve your dream or come closer to it. As a result, you’ll have 365 hours minimum spent on the activities that bring you joy and satisfaction. Stop persuading yourself that you don’t have time for the things you enjoy.

I Will Reduce Stress and Bring More Peace Into My Life

Stress is inevitable for all people, especially students. And we know it’s often the root of the problems in any facet of life. However, it’s critical to reduce it and its destructive side effects.

  • Learn useful skills in stress management;
  • Accept the situation, if possible;
  • Let the troubles go;
  • Think about your well-being as a priority;
  • Switch off to the things that bring inner peace and serenity;
  • Calm down.

Besides, volunteering and charity are immensely powerful ways to discover peace of mind, make your life more meaningful, and be 100x times happier. Just try them! Leave all the stress and disappointments in 2020!

I Will Be Kind to Myself

How many valuable hours have you spent feeling guilty when thinking about your failures in college? And how many times have you thought about your accomplishments?
This New Year’s resolution will help you not to be so hard on yourself.

Stop feeling guilty about your faults or mistakes and focus on things that matter. Review your achievements and celebrate them with small rewards. Allow yourself to be not perfect. And stop comparing yourself with others.
Besides, if you feel you need a break, that’s the very moment to take it! You deserve it.

I Will Release Myself from a Soul Prison

Often, we’re not happy with some moments, events, habits, or people in our lives. In such cases, disappointment, irritability, and a strong desire to change something are our usual inner states. That’s fine.
However, some people are not ready for drastic changes. They struggle with negative thoughts, unfavorable environments, useless studying, boring jobs, toxic relationships… It leads to depression and self-destruction.
Be the one who will give up all burdens! Get rid of anything you find unpleasant, troublesome, and dragging you down. Start this year really anew.

I Will Take Care of Myself… For Real!

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is one of the top students’ New Year’s resolutions. Do you think it’s always 100% fulfilled? That’s unlikely. Often, it’s just a written mantra that doesn’t work and is left on a paper. But following this resolution is vital for being happy and becoming the best version of yourself!
Start making changes in every area of life from the very 1st day of 2021: \

  • Develop healthy relationships and spend time with people that do matter;
  • Give up on scrolling social media without any purpose;
  • Improve healthy eating habits and forget about a restrictive diet for no solid reason;
  • Get enough sleep;
  • See your doctor more often, no matter how well you feel.

How to Make Resolutions This Year

The fact: students who make New Year’s resolutions are more likely to succeed in accomplishing goals. Meanwhile, almost half of the resolutions fail.
Because people tend to:

  • Set unrealistic goals;
  • Make too many resolutions;
  • Prefer long-term plans;
  • Forget about them;
  • Don’t track their progress.

But how to transform ordinary items on your list into powerful steps of life improvement?
Just think about meaningful, relevant things you can achieve things. Align top priorities. Come up with the personalized resolutions that are important for you. Split vague long-term plans into smaller, more specific objectives (e.g., “Read a lot of books — read 100 pages per month.”)

But before you set any specific goals, just try to answer these questions. What are the things you’re passionate about? What are the goals you’ll be proud to achieve? What will give you peace of mind? What kind of person do you want to be?

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