Sample Global Warming Research Paper So Even Donald Trump Would Say That It’s Hot

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. Global Warming is slowly yet steadily killing our planet. You find it hard to believe, don’t you? When you go out of your house, you find yourself cold and shivering in the harsh winds of December and you think to yourself, how can global warming reign when this year seems to be the coldest you have ever witnessed?

The lack of proof combined with a far-fetched theory leads us all to believe that Global Warming is nothing but a mirage, a fallacy that is neither true nor right. On the contrary, this Global Warming research paper is written with the purpose of stating facts and opening your eyes to all the heat waves, diseases and extinction that will come if we are not careful with our knowledge and actions.

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Before moving on to prove our point, let us first advise you to stop this feeble debate of whether Global Warming is a scientific issue or a political concern or an issue just for the people of faith. The problem at hand affects every single one of us and as long as we are citizens of the Earth, it is our combined concern.

‘Environmental catastrophes are rising and it has become not a matter of If but a matter of when.’

It won’t happen like it does in the movies, all at once. It will happen little by little. Sadly, the effects have already started. The killer hurricanes, dreadful floods and heat waves are happening all over the world. If you learnt about the floods in Bangladesh, then the next news is a hurricane happening in Central America. They look horrifying and sound extreme, but let us warn you that they are just the harbingers of what is to come.

From the period of 2010 to 2020, the changes will come in fits and starts, the melting glaciers will cause Europe to have cooler temperature whereas places in the Northern Hemisphere will suffer from a lack of rainfall. This deficiency will be a severe hit to the agricultural areas and lead to loss of food and crops throughout the world. Another bad news will be for the marine life. When all the carbon dioxide humans’ exhale will have nowhere to go, it will find its way into the sea, acidizing it and wreaking havoc on the marine life.

To paint a clearer picture, here are some consequences of global warming that have already been set in motion:

  • A speedy melting all over the world, starting from the Earth’s poles, are consequently turning glaciers, ice sheets and the Arctic Sea into liquid.
  • Insects that thrive in the summer like bark beetles have increased dramatically and have chewed up to 4 million acres worth of spruce trees.
  • The number of Adélie penguins has decreased alarmingly from 32,000 to 11,000. If this continues, they’ll become extinct along with many others.
  • Sea levels will rise up to 23 inches and pose threat to cities and countries on the coastlines.
  • There will be less amount of fresh water to drink which will lead to diseases from dirty water.
  • Zika Virus, Malaria and other diseases will spread. Species will begin to move farther up north and some will become extinct, including the Polar bears.
  • Heat waves are already increasing and will lead to exhaustion, strokes and intensifying medical conditions.

Let us conclude our research paper with a picture of what the Earth would be like if we do not put an end to the toxic pollution right this very moment. The Earth’s surface would be frozen, the core will thaw and life will perish. Also, keep in mind the consequences of the decision, “I won’t do my research paper” – low grades, unenviable reputation and so on. So, don’t neglect the possibility to place ‘do my research paper’ order.  


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