Friendship Essay Sample: The Juicy Secret of Friendship Between Ser Bronn and Jaime Lannister

game of thrones bronnWriting an essay is not an easy task, especially, if you are writing it for the first time. So, to help you tackle this fear and face it head on, we are providing you with a sample friendship essay. We have chosen the friendship topic because from the youngest to the oldest, everyone grasps the meaning of the word friendship quite well.

Breaking the Internet with every episode, instigating hordes of theories, creating a fandom so big it can pack an island and cause a ripple of excitement across the globe, Game of Thrones has become a sensation. Know what the secret is? Well, unlike any other series, GoT is never, oh, so predictable. The unexpected twists and turns in the plot, the sudden deaths, and births of the characters have made Game of Thrones the series of the century.

But, even something as brutally unpredictable as GoT cannot change one thing, the ceaseless beauty of friendship. And we are not talking about the orthodox friendship that is defined by a number of posts friends tag each other in a day. We are talking about a bond where friends save each other from swords and protect them from doing something as stupid as jumping in front of a dragon that blazes fire with a word dracarys. And that’s the kind of a friendship we saw between Ser Jaime Lannister and Ser Bronn in GoT. But it was not all that deep and thoughtful; in fact, their friendship was interesting and fun to watch because of the light-hearted banters between them, and Bronn’s extraordinary talent to find humor in life’s most ailing moments. The case in point: The Rickon (Dickon) scene, where Bronn just couldn’t hold his laughter at the soldier’s choice of the name, even though they had just come back from the battlefield, and one of the show’s main characters had been killed. He got a glare from Jaime at that one.

The friendship raises some questions. In a series where kings get killed at weddings, where assassins change their faces, and dead white walkers threaten the living, how did such a friendship survive? What is the secret after all?

Let’s look into some facts. Before Jaime, it was his brother Tyrion Lannister who became fast friends with Bronn. But, when adversities, deals, and deaths took the center stage, the two went their separate ways. It, subsequently, led to Bronn being sent to Dorne with Jaime Lannister. And there, the first seeds of their friendship were sown. When you make a trip with someone to a vengeful household where every woman is out for your blood and you, somehow, still survive, let’s just say you form an unnamed bond.

Their friendship was strengthened when the two went to take back Riverrun and laid a siege. They worked together side by side – Jaime as head of the Lannister army and Bronn as his right-hand man – to draw the Blackfish out. Unlike another scenarios and characters in Game of Thrones, these two were never seen questioning the other’s decision. Jaime allowed Bronn to call the shots in this siege and even later in season 7 when the two went to battle against the Highgarden.

Ser Jaime and Bronn also shared traits – they were both excellent swordsmen and remained undefeated. When Jaime lost one of his hands, it was Bronn who drove him to learn to fight with just one. The loyalty that exists between the two also plays an important factor in their friendship. It doesn’t take long in GoT for people to change their alliances, but Ser Bronn stuck with Jaime Lannister even when their chances of surviving were pretty slim against Daenerys Targaryen and her raging dragons.


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