How to Craft an Effective Food Thesis to Let Everyone in

“How to do my thesis?” is a similar request on the Internet. Just type this phrase on Google. But the search requests like “How to do my food thesis?” have fewer explanations. We understand that thesis writing is no picnic, not for the writer nor for the reader, but we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. In a theses we usually talk about problems and their solutions, but we have to remain very aware of the fact that whatever you are writing about might not sound so catchy and interesting to the reader. If we have a desire and skills of creativeness, then we can make anything sound interesting even if it’s a food thesis you are working on.

Therefore, we are listing down some ideas to input in your food thesis to make it very attention-grabbing. Here it goes:


People love to learn small fascinating unknown facts. When you are trying to write an appealing thesis on food, you can always keep it interesting by sharing some facts about food with your audience. If you are sure that these facts are little-known and have the ability to surprise the listeners or readers, then rest assured your thesis is going to be the best one in the class.

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Food-Borne Illnesses

Unhealthy eating has always remained a major part of the major population in the world, and while we all know that some diseases are caused by certain types of food, there are many things about food-borne diseases that regular people are unaware of. In a thesis we can choose to focus on such diseases that are little-known, little-discussed and are yet to be discovered by most people. Talking about them in your thesis will certainly make it thought-provoking and unique.

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Who wouldn’t get excited after learning about some experiments that can easily be done at home? Only the couch potatoes. And so, if one decides to mention several experiments with alarming and fascinating results in their thesis, then it will definitely be able to contain that odd charm that is usually missing in such papers.

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Include a Debate

People love good arguments, especially when they are something about a very strong subject, for instance, let’s talk about coffee and bring in new facts and statements to support your argument. A large number of people consume coffee, and they’d be more than interested to see what good or bad it does to their health.

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Challenge the Norms

What causes an instant spark is when some old established knowledge is suddenly challenged with a new one, and what makes it even more of a catalyst is when it is supported by some strong research and evidence. You can talk about how a food process, or a food item, has been causing chronic diseases for ages, without our knowledge. Such a topic would be new and completely mind-blowing for the most part of the readers.

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The key is to choose a controversial, debatable, provocative or heated topic, and the next thing, you know, everyone will be talking about your thesis.

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