Is it Really Impossible for Extroverts to be Successful in Writing?

extroverts and writingThe reality and common sense is that introverts excel in writing. While there are many more introverts in the writing business than there are extroverts, the latter can be good in writing as well. Movies, books and theater shows also always display writers as introverts, people who prefer solitude, living in seclusion, away from the eyes of the public.

The difference between an extrovert and an introvert

The simple definition is that extroverts get their energy by being around other people, while introverts draw their energy by being alone, away from everyone else. It is not a good idea to make generalization and group people together by a mere definition, but that is the basic and simple definition. However, the simple definition is misleading and people often misunderstand the meaning of it.

The reality is that every one of us possesses both sides of introversion and extroversion, but one of them is dominant. We posses traits that can be identified for each state, and we fluctuate from one condition to another. Sometimes, even the most extreme introverts act as extroverts and vice versa. Nobody acts accordingly to their type all the time. That is why people should not be labeled as extroverts or introverts.

The writing

When it comes to writing, the popular opinion is that extroverts cannot write, simply because they have no energy when they are not around other people. Extroverts excel when surrounded with their own private public and audience. And writing in an empty room, or in the garden when nobody is around, simply doesn’t provide the conditions for extroverts to be successful, motivated, energized and focused on the job.

However, people tend to forget that while writing is something done in the private space, ideas for writing are usually drown from talking with others. Communicating with people, listening to the radio, TV shows, news stories on TV, simply being around people is where writers get their ideas and motivations from.

Another thing to consider is that the public that reads your content, is enough to satisfy your extrovert’s ego. People on social media, or commentators on blog content are also real people. And in the communication with them, extroverts satisfy their needs to be around people, and source their energy by being in the center of attention. If the blog is successful, people will read it, comment on it, and provide feedback all the time.

How extroverts can improve their writing

Since it is well known that extroverts need public to be successful, or simply to be around people, there are several lifestyle changes they can implement, in order to be able to write. For example, the library, the coffee shop and the mall are excellent ideas for places where extroverts can write. There is nothing shameful in taking your laptop on the table at the coffee shop, open Word, and start writing while you drink your afternoon/morning coffee.

And for those who prefer to write at home, leaving the TV on, or listening to talk radio can provide the proper audience for them to feel comfortable. The kitchen, where the family gathers is another room where extroverts can write.

And if you are highly successful writer, you can always start your own company, and be surrounded with people while writing.


The biggest misconception is that introverts are always defined as loners, and extroverts as public people. In its essence, writing is solitary endeavor. However, the reason why people write is to interact with others. Nobody writes for himself only. Those who write, publish their work, and expect feedback from their readers. Isn’t that in a way, an extrovert characteristic?

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