An Essay Topic Generator: 7 Epic Fails It Can Lead You To

Ah yes, the beauty of student life is upon you which means you’re ready to take on the pressure of maintaining school life, work life as well as a healthy social life. Welcome to adulthood! But when you’re under the tension of gaining control over yourself, there’s one thing that’s bound to take up all your energy: Essays!

Nobody likes essays, the worst part is when you have to come up with a good and interesting topic using your old noggin, write down essays, and get showered with points. However, ain’t nobody got time for that! What most people turn towards is a good essay topic generator to help them create something intriguing enough to gain the points. But did you know that this could actually be a terrible idea?

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Students need the essay topic generator like they need food. However, what they don’t know is that great evil lies beneath the helpful demeanor. Here are few epic fails you need to know before using the generator:

Epic Fail #1: The topic is worse than what you write!

You use the topic generator to come up with intriguing topics which could help you write a darn good essay. But what happens when you get a terrible topic? Well then, it’s back to plan A and brainstorm some new ideas!


Epic Fail #2: What in the world do you write?

It’s one thing getting a terrible topic to write on, it’s something completely different to get a topic that you have no clue about. Sometimes, the essay topic generator may come up with quite interesting topics, but if you have zero ideas about politics, and your topic is political, then, you’re in trouble!

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Epic Fail #3: Grammatical errors, really?

When you use a topic generator, you think you’re going to get a topic which is grammatically correct which means you really don’t focus on whether that is true or not. Now, the trouble with this is that it can lead to misunderstanding of a large chunk.

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Epic Fail #4: The topic is the giveaway

So, your teachers know you and what you’re capable of. They also know exactly how your brain works; it means that if you use a topic generator, and it picks something that’s too epic for your standards, you’ll be caught!

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Epic Fail #5: ‘Little peoples’ is less offensive than ‘dwarf’ or ‘midget.’

That’s the topic your generator came up with, and there’s just so much wrong with it! First off, what’s with the spelling? Second, “peoples” really? Thirdly, what in the world can you research on this?!

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Epic Fail #6: Your time is going away

The time and efforts you put into generating a good topic could be spent on better things, like coming up with a topic yourself!

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Epic Fail #7: Goodbye comfort

Oh, and the worst thing! You need to say goodbye to your comfort level and style of writing just because your generator messed up. Man, it’s really hard to be a student!

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Are you still sure you want to entrust making up a topic for your paper to an online generator? Hope, your professor will have much fun! But, if you do not want to become a butt of the jokes, do not turn to such a doubtful deal.

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