5 Reasons to Participate in Erasmus Exchange Program in 2015

Erasmus is probably the best-known student exchange program in the world, and certainly – in Europe. Coming from rather humble beginnings back in 1987, it steadily increased in popularity, and today about 9 tenths of European universities take part in it, providing its students a host of fascinating possibilities. And we think that it is high time for you to try them out. Why? Let’s see.

rasmus programme

1. You Get a Grant

Each student on Erasmus program receives financial support towards the cost of his foreign education. The amount varies depending on your home country and the country you go to, and the program organizers make it clear that it isn’t going to cover all the expenses, but if money is an issue for you this grant may be the difference between staying and going. If you hail from an Eastern European country, the sum will be especially hefty.

2. It is an Opportunity of a Lifetime

Participation in Erasmus Program is truly an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. You get an opportunity to travel, to see another country, live there, meet the locals and learn about local culture – all without having to explain your reasons and still at a period of your life when you have relatively few responsibilities.

3. You Get to Learn a Foreign Language

The best way to learn a language – to really learn it, not to memorize its grammar – is to live in an environment dominated by its native speakers. A year in Germany is worth ten years studying German in a classroom – so if you really want to know a foreign language, Erasmus Program is the obvious choice.

4. You Meet a Lot of New People

The world is full of people who can potentially be your good friends – and what a shame it is that you will never meet most of them. Erasmus program allows you to rectify this situation a little bit – by plunging into a completely foreign environment you will be forced to meet a lot of new people, and with any luck acquaintances with at least some of them will grow into friendships that will last long after you go home.

5. You Step off a Beaten Track

Those who never try anything new often get stuck in their lives, doing the same things over and over again and never progressing beyond their very limited horizons simply because it’s what they always do. Really life-changing events happen only to those who are ready to go out of their comfort zones and encounter something new – and it is hard to imagine anything more drastic when it comes to going out of your comfort zone than going to live in a foreign country among unfamiliar people. It is an experience that may give your life a new turn.

Erasmus exchange program is certainly not an opportunity to be sneezed at. Whatever your reasons to take it may be – learning the language, travelling, studying opportunities – it surely will be an experience of undeniable worth!

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