How to Pay with a Furry Cheque Book to Do My Homework

finance resourcesHow can I pay someone to do my homework? This may be a question that has passed through your mind more than once if you are a college student needing help with writing assignments or not having time to cope with them. You can conveniently buy papers for your assignments, but this might not fit within your budget. However, there are ways to order papers from little to no cost! Take a look at some things you can do for a cheap paper.

1. Work for Someone

If you provide labor for someone, they could pay you by writing a paper for you. Some labor can consist of house cleaning, cooking, yard work, babysitting and more. If they work from home or own a small business, you can work for them there too. Also, you can offer to advertise their business for them if they are willing to write your paper too.

2. Use Your Skills

Have you ever heard the phrase “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”? Use it! If you have a very good skill set, offer to service it to someone who can write your paper for you. For example, if you are good at cooking, make a special dinner in exchange for the assignment. Or if you are good at painting, paint a picture at their request for the writing assignment.

3. Make an Exchange

Don’t you have available time to work for someone or not possess a skill set that someone can use? Exchange something for the writing assignment instead. Is there a video game you don’t play anymore that they might want? Are you trying to sell a piece of clothing that the writer may like to trade for the paper? Ask the writer what they need or want and see if there is something you can give them in exchange for their writing work.

4. I Owe You

If all else fails, you can see if the writer would accept an “I owe you”. This might not be the most promising way to convince someone to help you with a paper, but it certainly isn’t out of the ballpark. You can offer to help around the house or job at a later time if you cannot immediately do it. Maybe, you are expecting a special item later on that you can give them for a writing assignment. Whatever the case, make sure the “I owe you” is something you and the writer can both agree upon. Also, it is extremely important to make the writer sure that you will uphold your words. Otherwise, they probably won’t help you with the next paper!

The convenience of having someone to do your writing assignment for you comes with a price. However, there are some cheap avenues you can take to keep your cash in your pocket. Use your furry check book to help yourself out!

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