Delegate Your Application Writing to Pros and Discover Your Lifetime Vocation

Writing an application is hard. You want to express your feelings, but not too much. You have to be formal, but if you don’t have serious bone in your body, it’s quite difficult. When you think about the spelling and grammar mistakes you are probably going to make, the prospect of application writing seems like your worst nightmare.

The best way to get rid of that responsibility is to leave that to the pros. They know what they are doing and they will provide you with an exceptionally written model application. Think about all the free time you are going to get without the need to invent the wheel. You can spend it to explore your abilities and find a hobby that you can embrace for the rest of your life. Here are some of the activities that can become the love, ambition and purpose of your life.

Learn Spanish and Find a Hot Boyfriend/Girlfriend from Spain

Honestly, your chances of finding someone from Spain will increase considerably if you just learn Spanish. Repeat ten times a day in front of a mirror. It will certainly do wonders for your self-esteem. And you can realize your dream of walking into the sunset with your loved one.

we heart it love couple

Go Hiking

Spend a week in the wilderness and return home with a thought that a week without a shower is not your cup of tea (not to mention the bug bites and the excruciating pain in your leg muscles, and it’s like leg day all over again).

sleepy at work

Learn How to Play a Guitar and Become a Sexy Pub/Bar Musician

Chicks and booze! The ultimate dream! Oh yeah and music too.

string instrument

Try to Cook Several Exquisite Meals, Burn Your Kitchen and Learn that Cooking is not for You

Stick to what you know i.e. speed-dialing your pizza service and bowing down to the delivery man when he shows up at your door. Who knew it was so hard. Those social media videos are really misleading.


Play Online Poker and Earn Some Extra Cash

Considering that you don’t lose every penny that you have saved. The upside is you will feel like Casanova or James Bond for sure, without the femme fatale and heinous villains off course! The only danger you face is the danger of going broke.

dog poker

Go in for Curling and Confirm Your Opinion that it Looks Funny and Silly not only on the Screen

You wanted to challenge yourself and do something new for a change and now you are just can’t stop laughing.

feliz cumpleaños gif gracioso

Home-brew and Become Your College Alcohol Spot

Because who doesn’t love a good brew and a party? Become the king of throwing parties by brewing your alcohol at home. And well, if that college degree doesn’t pan out the way it is supposed to, then you will always have a secondary career.

snape and dumbledore party hard

Try to Get in Shape but You Love Cake Too Much

And pizza, and Chinese takeout and burgers and fried food! You are constantly torn between your desires to rock a hot bod and eating all you want.

beauty and the beast belle gif

Try to Take up Gardening and Finding out that You Don’t Have a Green Thumb

Being a murderer wasn’t in your life plan (if you had one), but when you take up gardening and kill plants, you swear for the rest of your life that you are going to stay far away from them, except the Christmas tree of course.

edward mani di forbice

These are some of the interesting hobbies that you can take up without spending all your free time writing an application. Leave that to the pros, and become a pro in any of the activities mentioned above.

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