6 Dead-End Signs That Give Away That You Bought a Custom Essay

Everything’s just perfect: you have bought tickets for an opening night for the film you’ve been waiting for months; tomorrow you are going for the whole weekend to roll around on the beach and you feel really happy. And all of this is possible because you don’t have to scrabble that essay as you have ordered it from a professional custom writer. What can go wrong? But the fact is that you can successfully mess up your happy life yourself while submitting that custom essay to your professor. That’s why we decided to save you from getting in trouble and prepared top 6 signs that give away your little transgressions with a custom writer for a college paper!

1. You Are Paranoid and It Shows

edward scissorhands johnny depp
If you have a history of sweaty palms on your first kiss, that birthday party, or you almost puked during a school address where you were center stage, then yes, you so need to brush up your skills on a poker face, and FAST!

tom cruise a few good men
While you hand in that copy, don’t be sheepish or let in that you are picturing yourself in prison stripes at the moment. Don’t avoid eye contact, but don’t be Tom Cruise from A Few Good Men either. That professor is not Jack Nicholson on trial.

2. You Are too Optimistic and It Shows

ron swanson
Just don’t swing from one emotional spectrum to the other. This is serious; you need to be downplaying how smart you are. Look like you are praying to the old gods and the new that you pass. If you get an A-, act disappointed, like you worked hard and were aiming for a higher grade.

3. You Are to Fresh and Full of Energy

If you come to your professor and look like you’ve spend the weekend on the beach, don’t expect him/her to believe that you haven’t slept 2 nights to research and write that awesome essay. Although there is a statistic according to HEPI – HEA data that shows 72% of students being happy and satisfied with their life, you can’t look like that after working hard on a writing assignment.

4. Who Is RitaSkeeter714?

Did you even read the copy? The custom writer you hired has his or her initials or a whole marketing page attached. Just think of the look on your teacher’s face when they go, ‘this is genius’, until they turn that last page and BOOM! Discounted academic writing just for you… cue upbeat commercial jingle in the background (Plus, “discounted academic writing”? Seriously? What were you thinking, that’s clearly a bad copy).

5. You Haven’t Seen a Word from That Paper

bad reaction
Know those overenthusiastic teachers who have the habit of being super impressed by a paper *cough*thatyoudidnotwrite*cough* and start this seemingly intellectual discussion believing they have found the next prodigy to hit the campus, and oh wow! That person is in their class too. This could lead to swift bursting of bubbles and breaking of that grey matter heart once you are manipulated, yes manipulated, into admitting that you don’t know anything about the text, and that you wish RitaSkeeter714 was here right now.

6. You Didn’t Check for Plagiarism

oh hell no cat
The least you can do is check for Plagiarism! It could be a total rip off and the teacher could be scratching their head about why you are so confident on handing in an essay that reads exactly like To Kill a Mockingbird.

Now you know the signs so make sure you get rid of all of these. That is IF you are still into buying a custom essay after knowing about the classroom perils of humiliation that you are risking for yourself. But if you do make it through without making it apparent, expect a snazzy result; after all, your work was done by pros.

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