Top 10 Inspiration Sources for Creative Writing

writing inspirationFrom the dawn of times, great writers, sculptors, artists had a muse that served as an inspiration for their work. What inspires you? When it comes to creative writing the first rule of thumb is simple, “think outside of the box”. Your mind must be free of any limitations. Let your mind flow like the wind. And if you need a source for inspiration, we’ve got 10 that can serve the cause.


Nothing can substitute reading. Books and reading in general is an excellent source for any creative work. Read carefully, and pay attention to the book. Within its pages, you are guaranteed to find an idea you can develop. You can even develop further the main idea of the writer itself. Some twists here and there can dramatically change the outcome of the story, and you can come up with them.


Thinking outside the box also means to leave your comfort zone and go somewhere you haven’t been. Therefore, visit the countryside. Nature and landscapes are a source as old as time itself. Listen to the birds, pay attention to insects, smell the nature and simply enjoy everything around you.


If you live in an urban city, you can go for a walk through the streets in the city. Just remember, avoid the popular, mainstream and crowded streets, and try to get lost in your own city. If you look carefully, there are plenty of inspiring sources in your city. And even if you don’t find anything, the walk can help you clear your head and get some fresh air.


Your childhood memories are filled with raw emotions. They say children are the most honest and open minded people. And it is true. Take a journey back to your memories of the childhood, your time in the kindergarten, elementary school, high school, first love etc…


When you think about it, we are surrounded by music. While we are shopping in the mall, there is music playing. While we drive our car, the radio plays music as well. At work, at home, and everywhere else, music is present in our lives. But the question is, how much attention do we pay to the music that plays? How much do we actually listen? Try to clear your mind, play music and enjoy. You can even dance. The trick is to listen some new song, a new track, a new genre of music. Don’t listen to the same music over and over again.

New Experience

Don’t get stuck in the same routines day in, day out. Try something new. Gain new experience. It can be anything, a new sport, a new restaurant, a new bar, a new path to work/school. Simply change your usual daily and weekly routine. Just make sure it is something you have not tried before.


They say children have the purest minds of all. Spend some time with children, play with them, and observe their actions. Watch how they interact with one another and with the adults in their world as well. While your goal is to get some creative ideas, playing with children is another way of relaxation as well.


Usually, the photograph/image comes last in the process of writing. However, try to make it other way around. Browse some concept photos, and try to find the inspiration for writing within the photo.


Art is a great source for inspiration. And don’t confuse art only with visiting an art gallery. Watching a new movie at the cinema, or going to the theater are also linked with art. There are tons of ideas you can develop.


A good writer is magnet for experience. You can get experience and sources from other people’s stories. Communicate with everyone around you, not just your friends, family and colleagues. Try talking to strangers as well. Just be careful not to come as aggressive psycho. Online chat services are great places to meet people. Another source is success stories of other people. There are tons you can find online.

With so many ideas around us, inspiration comes naturally. You can get ideas from everything. However, it requires a bit of talent and as people like to say, “nose for ideas”. Using our creative writing services are also a good way to get inspired.

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