9 Reasons Buying a Custom Essay is Similar to Cheating on Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Ever spent money on a custom term paper? Think about it, you will find that most of what was going on in your head was not laziness from studying, but you were just in a bad relationship with that college course.

1. The Spark Is Gone

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You know the times when your partner tells you that “we don’t do anything new anymore”? It is probably the same disdainful approach with which you look at your tasked essay. Aren’t you tired, aren’t you feeling terrible about the commitment you made when you signed up for this class? But there is a way out of this (read: ‘Buy Custom Papers’, outlined with golden glowing edges).

2. You Are over It

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You fell out of love with a subject and it feels exactly like the time you got over your ex; however, it feels bad to admit it and “break up” with a course, so you just…

3. … Move on Already

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The subjects have become boring, every other topic is predictable, and this is what married people warn you about; now you know it is all true. The term paper is literally begging you to move on.

4. More Money, More Problems

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This is how it works, just like in a relationship when you have no idea where to spend cash if you are making too much of it, you have found that it’s the same with you. You have extra moolah and the tuition is taken care of. Where do you spend it? Ooh that reasonably priced custom paper service looks nice!

5. It’s Cheating If Someone Saw You

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Pfffff, come on, you already know that! If nobody knows about it, then it never happened – you are a genius who scored an A on your own.

6. Only Your Closest Friends Know about This

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Wasn’t it exactly the same way when you cheated in your last relationship! …oops.

7. You Are Retaliating

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That teacher already underestimates you and gave you a bad grade on all that hard work that you put into your last term paper. Hey, why live with unrequited love!

8. You Want to Try Something New

something new
Every time you stare at that assignment brief, all you can think is how you are going to satiate this new urge you have of trying out new things. You are tired of giving in the same boring thing that is going nowhere. That’s it! You have decided that you and term papers are over! SO OVER! You are into different things now. And no one has the right to stop you from being an independent being, definitely not in college!

9. You Want Someone Who Understands You

someone who understands you
You want to communicate with a like-minded person who will do everything just the way you want it to be. Not too much to ask for; it’s exactly what you deserve. You tell a writer what to do, and he/she does it exactly as you want it.

Now you see it? Ordering a custom essay is really similar to cheating on someone because you are tired of the routine things or you want to try something new. The reasons depend but the result stays the same, don’t you think?

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