Mix Biz with Bliss: 5 Pages to Like to Become the Best English Writing Student

Despite what the young generation believes in, social media is not just for sharing and creating memes or making dangerous and not-so-dangerous friends. It can also be used to help them become better students. We know this might be hard to digest, but there are several good Samaritans out there who have actually created pages that can help non-native students become professionals in English. They can actually become so good that their papers can even beat the quality and class of a native English speaker.

This is not an exaggeration; if you don’t believe us then check out the following pages yourself and we are sure you’ll like them:

  1. Grammarly

  2. Grammarly’s software is equivalent to a grammar Nazi that will very patiently slash and cut down all your grammar mistakes and offer you some better alternatives. But their page on Facebook is a more fun counterpart as it daily shares English grammar tricks and better writing hacks with their followers. We assure you that liking this page is not something you’ll regret.

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  3. English Jokes

  4. If you are one of those students who hate getting serious and want to keep everything light and fun, then this page is for you. This page boosts half a million followers with their hilarious jokes with hidden challenges. You need to find those tricks if you want to get the joke and in the meanwhile, learn some important English lessons.

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  5. BBC Learning English

  6. This is a twitter account by BBC that daily takes out the big news articles from their website and point out complex words and most importantly helps the non-native speakers learn English idioms which even a native speaker will find catchy. A smart way to learn the best English writing hints is by diving directly into it and this twitter page does just that.

    daft punk newspaper

  7. jenesl760

  8. This is an Instagram account of an English teacher who loves to share her valuable lessons with her followers. Not only does she share all the good tricks to become a better writer but also arranges fun lessons to learn from. For instance, she posts challenges with blanks and pictures for the users to fill them. Moreover, she shares some good vocabulary to learn with their correct meanings and usage.

    david tennant doctor who funny

  9. English Tips4U

  10. This is an excellent Twitter account that is basically a portal for those who struggle with spoken and written English. With the help of this page, students can openly interact with English speakers and ask them questions regarding English grammar and other issues. So, if a student happens to get stuck somewhere while writing their papers and they don’t know how to move on from there, they can follow this account and ask for help from the ever ready helpers.

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    The best part about these pages and accounts is that not only do they help with writing papers, essays, and dissertations but, in general, they help us become better in English. Do not lose such a great chance to sharpen your knowledge.

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