5 Student Life-Hack Discoveries for the Best Electronics Project

We all have gone through this light bulb moment in our lives when we are having difficulty with performing everyday tasks. Sadly, our motivation and enthusiasm end the moment we are done with the said task, but it is okay for regular folks.

But guess when it is not okay? College students often fail to take the hint to create the best electronics project even when they see all the fellow students struggling with one thing, complaining about another, and saying their wishful thinking out loud.

No worries, because we are listing down all those life hacks, the college students have failed to realize for their electronic projects:

  1. Electronic Pills

  2. Students are too stressed about due papers and upcoming tests. When medical issues take them to the doctors, their often get suffered from various mental health issues. However, an electronics student can create a swallowable pill that is fitted with wireless devices; all it needs is to be swallowed so the doctor can inspect the health condition.

    my symptoms

  3. Hoverboard That Flies

  4. Hoverboards have been all the rage the past century, but they are still not fast enough for students who need to zoom by in order to reach their classes on time. So, why not create a hoverboard that flies? And don’t think it is impossible because someone has already been able to make it fly an inch above the ground for fifteen minutes. You, however, can aim for the sky.

    flight of a man on a quadrocopter

  5. Party Powering Cooler

  6. Cooler works fine for a family having a nice little picnic on a sunny day to keep juices and drinks fresh and maybe even some wine. But college students have to settle for less when they cannot carry a blender with them or a LED light, a USB charger, Bluetooth speaker unless of course, someone decides to build such a thing.


  7. Bionic Ears

  8. For college students, trying to concentrate on a test they have the next day is the toughest thing possible. How to make your roommate stop snoring? Or stop the dormers from making such ruckus? You can’t. So, how about to create bionic ears which will allow you to control the sounds in your surroundings? With which you can completely eliminate a sound if you wish or you can lower the volume of a particularly annoying person or you can simply just shut it all out. A project like this can earn you intergalactic fame and not just some good grades.


  9. Polaroid Camera

  10. It’s about time we bring the Polaroid back, at least for the students who often need an instant print of whatever, they have saved on their smartphone. So, if someone is looking for a creative electronics project that will not only earn them grades but will also make them a star among students; then, go for this little portable beauty that connects with phone easily and provides you with a printed photo within seconds.

    polaroid camera

    If you have been searching for an idea for your electronics project, then, simply look around you and see what students are struggling with or you can just read the above ideas and get to work.

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