Make the Best DIY Birthday Present for Your Mom!

A mother is someone who nurtures you, dries your tears when you fall down, stays awake when you are sick and feeds you when you can’t even pick up the spoon. Without her, you wouldn’t have survived very long or wouldn’t be the happy, balanced person you are today. Not many people recognize the role and impact of mothers in their lives. But it is true that a mother is not just a parent, but your confidante, your friend and a person who will love you unconditionally and without any reason, no matter what you do.
Making a birthday present for your mother won’t sound too good to people who rely on their shopping skills to hunt up the perfect present. But remember that it will make a great impression. Remember all the homemade birthday cards that you drew up for your mother and how proudly she displayed them on the fridge? Take some time out of your busy schedule and make a special birthday present to show her that you are still her baby. Here are some ingenious DIY birthday presents that any guy or girl can make for their mom.

1. Scrapbooked Photo Album

Ask your family members to get in on the action to sign the photos and write personal messages on them. Let your mother feel special because she is the best.

primera vez nunca se olvida

2. Homemade Soap from Natural Ingredients

Be a mad scientist and concoct your own recipe of a natural soap. Or you can steal an idea from the internet. No one will ever know!

elaiga mayklson

3. Book of Coupons

Give your mother a choice of a reprieve to coupon household chores. I’ll do the dishes all day long, etc. Trust us, she will be like

doctor who partners in crime

4. Bake a Delicious Cake

And show her how well she has taught you to cook. Even if it turns out to be a disaster, she will appreciate your efforts.

cake gif

5. Draw Her Portrait

Use your art skills to present her with something that she will keep close to her heart for eternity. If you are not good with art use a photo and a copy paper to pretend that you are.

graphite drawings

6. Knit Her a Scarf or a Sweater

If you are in possession of this amazing grandma skill, and you have mad knitting skills like

rosalind russell gif

Knit her something that she will be proud to show off at her next book club meeting.
These are some of the DIY gifts that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your mother’s face. So if her birthday is in a few weeks, get a move on to make sure that you complete it on time.

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