My Dog Has Eaten It or How to Avoid a Punishment When Your Answer Is ‘I Didn’t Do My Homework!’

This will remain an unsolved mystery, but somehow, there are always some students in class who “forget” to do their homework. Every country, every continent has been blessed with these students. They just come in a class and say these hurting words ‘I didn’t do my homework.’

Normally, we’d ask these students to write about this mystery, but they’ll probably forget about it too. Anyways, as good as these students are at forgetting their homework, they are not equally good at giving their teachers good reasons for it. And as a result, they end up with a demoted-back-to-a-semester kind of trouble. And it’s, genuinely, fearful for international students and those struggling with tuition fees.

Lucky you, we have some ideas through, you can use to avoid this horrible penalty:

Try Some Tricks from Clueless

We know that real life is nothing like the way Hollywood depicts it, but there’s no harm in trying any way, isn’t there? It couldn’t get any worse than it already is. So, watch the movie Clueless and try to take some really good convincing pointers from Cher. Maybe, you also can put your charm as well as reasoning skills to some use, and convince your teacher to give you a chance?

clueless red plaid outfit

Blame It on Your Health

Just make yourself real sick. When did you eat some ice-cream? Promise wholeheartedly to turn in your assignment the next day. And do it this time as you risk to lose the teacher’s trust.

checking your symptoms on google


You’ll probably go to hell for this, but what chance do you have? Hope, it won’t be the real reason! A thought-up funeral, then, may save you from your teacher’s wrath. However, if your teacher is, even more, pro at this than you are, you should start packing your bags instead.

jon and kevin looking

The Water Spilled on It

Just take any file that looks remotely like an assignment, pour a gallon of water on it and show it to your teacher. The fact that you actually did it, will give you bit of leeway, and you can avoid the punishment. Then again, if the truth floats to the surface, and your professor gets to know the real reason, then refer to the last suggestion of the third point.

princess love and hip hop

It Was Right Here

Try this trick only if you are a really good actor, and we are talking about Oscars-nomination level of good. You just need to act as surprised as your professor when you casually and confidentially open your bag and find no assignment there. Add in some waterworks, too.

i am freaking out

Promise to Make It up to the Professor

The last trick is not really a trick, but a straightway approach. Just tell the truth and promise the professor that you’ll do some extra credits, professor’s works, help out voluntarily or write two papers instead of one. Just promise anything to get out of this situation and make sure you follow through.

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Make sure you also pray for your teacher to be really humble and good-natured or else, it’s bad news for you. Like super-bad!

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