5 Motival Speakers’ Secrets You Can Use to Become Popular at College

If you are not Victoria-Secret-model type gorgeous, becoming popular at school can become a difficult quest. Public speaking skills can help you stay on top of your game. Take a tip from the world’s most amazing motival speakers and use their lifelong experience to bring a shine to your own personality. You can use words to inspire, attract and motivate people.

Words have an immense power and you can grab the attention of anyone with just a few of them, if you know how to speak. Get ready, because we are introducing some obscure trade secrets of motivational speakers that can help you achieve greater goals in life than just making to your class in your pajamas and crying over microwave meals, while fretting over an assignment. Remember, to achieve greatness, you will have to think like great people!

1. Know Your Target Audience

Do you feel frustrated just by thinking of endless fashion parade that some people call college dressing? Or, are you forever trying to hide from people, so they don’t invite you to pointless frat parties and force you to play beer ping pong. Do you run away from scenarios like,

It is understandable if you don’t want to do all that, but getting behind enemy lines and understanding their perspective can be exceptionally helpful, especially if you are trying to become popular among the masses. Think of them as test subjects and you will feel fine, trust us.

2. Train Your Public Speaking Skills

If you have never spoken in public, now is the time to do so. If you won’t do it now, when will you?

speaking skills

Get up in your college yard and try to inspire people over a cause. If nobody stops to throw rotten vegetables at you, you might have a chance. And no, don’t blow out your chest yet, you will have to work harder still.

3. Spot the Perfect Venue

Your friend has a birthday or somebody got engaged or if somebody is going through a hard time, this is your chance to make yourself the center of attention. You might feel like a jerk sometimes for snatching away someone else’s thunder, but that feeling will pass. You will be able to introduce yourself at an opportune moment and clear the path for becoming the next motivational sensation this world has ever seen.

perfect venue

4. Advertise Yourself

Nobody ever became famous by just sitting at home and doing nothing. Therefore, if you want to get famous in your college, bribery is the best course of action.

harry potter

Isn’t it? Give away delicious baked goodies or provide beer cups with your name printed on it, which will get immense appreciation from the popular groups at your college.

5. Be Flexible

Being rigid and uptight will not get you anywhere. If you are more like


Quit it, if you want to become famous among your peers. Because the nicer you are to people, the more popular you will be!

These are some of the most crucial tips on becoming popular at college and they are snatched right from under the noses of successful motivational speakers. Try them out and soon people will be cheering on you.

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