7 Money Management Tips That Can Make You a Millionaire (Some Day)

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, money is happiness” – Jack Donaghy
The moment one learns that money is what money does, it dawns upon them that the value it would bring to them is highly dependent on what they do with it. And who would know more about the importance of money than a student who spends it through his teeth (not literally, we hope).
Here are some money management tips that would save you from staunch poverty and even if it won’t land you in a pool of gold, you would at least not starve:

1. Don’t Go to the Supermarket Hungry

You must be well aware of the monster you turn into when your stomach is making funny noises and if you could, you would eat your own homework (starving poor Tommy). So make sure when you are hovered with the demons of extreme hunger, do not visit the supermarket in such a condition for there is a possibility you would end up spending on food a lot more than you’re supposed to.

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2. Ask Your Parents for More than You Need

Let’s say, that could be written in gold. You need to have good calculation skills on your fingertips so the moment the question is thrown at you about how much you need, include all your basic needs in it such as Netflix subscriptions, the party you might throw for your friends, the various games you would only stock up, etc.

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3. Don’t Show You Have Money When out with Friends

If you have generous people in your group who won’t mind if you eat and burp without spending a dime, and pay your share, use the opportunity. If they can pay, why should you be the one spending your savings?

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4. Set a Limit on Your Credit Card

No matter how much it yells and begs you to release it from your pocket to get you a lot of flashy stuff; control the reins till your hands bleed. Your unnecessary desires are the devils you need to chain by chaining your credit card.

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5. Do Your Friends’ Assignments for Money

If there is anything you would do at your best, follow the universal rule of smartness and never do it for free. If you have a sharp mind, collect all the projects you can and enjoy the hard earned bucks.


6. Keep Calculating

It is essential to keep track of your spending (or shopping, for the matter) so you are never outdated about your finances. Keeping a regular check always works.

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7. Avail of Student Discounts Whenever and Wherever Possible

This actually leads to savings and helps you keep your money safely tucked in your pockets for rainy days.

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We hope that these tips will make you a millionaire (of course, with the help of some unexpected heritage or lottery win). Anyway, they will help you stay above the water. So use them every day and you won’t need to suffer anymore.

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