Graduate Paper Go: Catch Your 100-Point Masterpiece

Being a student really is a contradiction. We want to ace our exams without studying, we want to be acclaimed students without participating, and we wish to complete our college years without attending classes. And yet, the biggest paradox is that students want to create an exemplary graduate paper without any researching. But we’ll let the last one slide because as far as ironies go, this isn’t the most ludicrous one.

Being young and wild, it’s a wonder how students even spend hours researching and working when there’s a party raging on in an adjoining dorm room. But sadly, just researching the topic and writing on it is not enough to get the highest point for the paper, it is required that the standard rules and requirements for writing a research paper should also be followed. For that reason, we are listing down an abridged version for the students to learn about the best methods to pen down a research paper.

Choose the Topic

This is the first and the trickiest part of writing a paper, but once you have selected a topic that you are satisfied with, you are already halfway done with the work. The topic of the research paper must not only be unique and fascinating for the readers, but for the writer as well, so that their inquisitiveness compels them to create a masterpiece out of their graduate paper.


Create a Title

There’s a reason that we mentioned the word create rather than asking the student to find out or acquire a title for their research paper. The title is the source of the first impression and you need to ensnare the reader in its creative trap.

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Once the title has worked its magic on the readers and further compelled them to turn on the next page, you must provide an abstract. Just a small précis about the paper that informs the readers what they are dealing with. Here too, the students can call upon their artistic faculty to make the piece more electrifying.



Call it preface, introduction or foreword, a rose by any other name would smell as a sweet. Make sure you write this part with absolute accuracy and without an ambiguity. State the problem and explain it. Relate the topic to a broader approach and then discuss what has already been said and done as well as what you are willing to add to it.

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Research the Topic Well and Thoroughly

This is the important part, or at least even more important than the other parts where your research skills will be measured and your paper will be graded based largely on it. Make sure to develop thorough understanding of your topic and then do some proper and authentic research. The last thing you want is your research to be challenged by a reader.

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Revise, Conclude and Check

Once you have completed your research, written the first draft and have already concluded the whole thing. Check it all over again.

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Writing a research report is not really as difficult as it might seem, it just needs focus, attention and right amount of involvements and viola, your 100-point masterpiece is ready to be submitted.

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